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Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop EssentialPembersihan yang kuat untuk rumah tangga berukuran kecil hinggga sedang
16 core featuresConvenient solution to cleaning problems in small to medium-sized homes
Daya isap sangat kuat 2200 PaKontrol tangki air digitalInertial Navigation SystemVacuum + Mop
Mi Smart LinkMi AI Voice ControlSuspended suction apertureSuspended mop
3-stage filtrationRemote control via the appSuper-slim body3 water level settings
4 suction settingsInfrared collision avoidanceResumes cleaning where it left offReal-time mapping display
Efficient configuration for cleaning and mopping
Device offers gale-force 2200 Pa suction power*
Efficiently cleans deep gaps
The key to cleaning is suction power.
The Japanese Nidec motor delivers powerful 2200 Pa suction* for quick removal of floor dust and thorough cleaning of gaps.
4-level suction power changes as you goMeets your personal household cleaning needsEquipped with 4 suction settings for different rooms and different kinds of dirt. Easily handles any mess, from pea-sized objects to dust and hair.
Quiet modeCleans up dust and hairQuiet and steady cleaning
Standard modeCleans up messes such as scrapsof paper and melon seeds For routine cleaning
Medium Power modeCleans up pea-sized objectsFor powerful cleaning
High Power modeCleans up bead-sized objectsFor deep cleaning
Digital water tank control, 3 adjustable water level settings
Take care of your wood and tile floorsThe 200 ml electronically controlled water tank is equipped with 3 water level settings, to effectively control water flow, prevent seepage and protect your wood and tile floors from damage.
Suspended suction aperture, mop + heavy duty main brushEffectively cleans up dust from all floor typesEquipped with a wide-diameter suspended suction aperture for easy cleaning on all types of surfaces. Low clearance and a heavy duty main brush ensure powerful dust clearing and thorough vacuuming.
3-layer filter systemEffectively filters out dust down to 3 microns*The unit uses a 3-layer filtration system to filter out dust and dirt down to 3 microns*
and prevent secondary contamination.
Layer 1: Nylon filterEffectively filters out large particles
Level 2: Cotton filterRe-filters dust to improve the lifespan of your HEPA filter
Level 3: HEPA filtrationEffectively filters out dirt down to 3 microns*
Super-slim 82 mm body*Travels nimbly around the homeWith a thickness of only 82 mm*, the underside of your bed, sofa bed, table and chairs are easily accessible, allowing for better cleaning coverage.
Intelligent Inertial Navigation SystemStep-by-step cleaningThe built-in high-precision gyroscope enables intelligent circular cleaning to effectively clean every edge and corner of the room.
Google Assistant + Alexa ControlHands-free, simple cleaning
The built-in high-precision gyroscope enables intelligent circular cleaning to effectively clean every edge and corner of the room.
Connects to the Mi Home AppRemote control, for smooth and easy cleaningClean your home easily, even when you're away. Simply open the Mi Home app and initiate cleaning remotely at the touch of a button. Switch modes and view cleaning status in real time — complete control from anywhere.
Remote controlSwitch modesCheck the cleaning statusView map
A combination of cleaningconfigurations Keep the floor sparkling clean
Capable of clearing obstacles up to 17 mm*Travels throughout the home unimpeded
Resumes cleaning where it left offReturns automatically for charging
High capacity batteryLong battery life
Supports wireless updatesContinuous user experience optimization
*Air pressure test data sourced from Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. During product use, when the main body battery is fully charged and the motor is in high-power mode, with the vacuum meter placed over the suction motor aperture, sealing it off, maximum measured suction power is 2200 Pa.*200 ml Water Tank Capacity Data: From Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The tank capacity test method is to fill empty water tank with water from a cup until the tank is full and record the capacity.*Super-slim 82 mm body: The body height is measured by placing it on a flat surface and measuring the distance from the highest point of the body to the surface. The height was measured at 82 mm using calipers accurate to 0.01 mm, which was converted to 8.2 cm.*17 mm barrier clearance: Barrier data are from Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The test target is a vertical barrier step with a height of 17 mm. Different surface shapes and materials will affect the height of the barrier, depending on the actual conditions. The barrier clearance height will be slightly lower when loaded with a water tank.Effective filtration of dust down to 3 microns: Data from Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Services Co., Ltd., according to GB/T14295-2008, Report No. 0134-20A-01.
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